Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

New students are welcome to book their first class or appointment online when they are ready: book an appointment.

If you have questions about which services or classes are best for you before booking, please contact me.

Can I visit every week?

Yes! Get started by booking your first visit online. If your desired time is not available, you can join the waitlist to be notified as soon as something is available.

Investing in a package of six or 12 private lessons gives you access to advance booking (more than 30 days) to help you establish a weekly routine that suits your schedule.

Need flexibility? Drop in attendance is always available for both private lessons and group classes. Book online up to 30 days ahead.

Where is the studio?

Pilates Homeroom is located inside Art Egg Studios at 1001 S Broad St in New Orleans. The studio is on the second floor.

Unfortunately, Pilates Homeroom is not accessible. Students will need to ascend stairs to the main entrance and to the second level.

What should I wear?

Choose fabric that has stretch so that you’ll have freedom to move. The studio runs hot in the summer and cool in the winter; layer clothing appropriately.

Please avoid zippers, beads, buttons - decorations like this can be uncomfortable for you to lay on and risk tearing the upholstery on the equipment.

Finally, please avoid applying oils or lotions immediately prior to your visit for your safety while maneuvering on the equipment.

Grip socks or bare feet are welcome. Shoes are not necessary.

Can I bring a friend?

Please ask before bringing someone with you to make sure there is space and so your teacher can prepare a great session for you both.

24 hour notice appreciated.

Can I bring my pet?

No, you may not bring any pets to the studio. This rule is set forth by building management; no exceptions.


Booking & Payment

  • Online and in house booking are both available 30 days in advance to all students.
  • Seasonal Enrollment: either book the same weekly time on a recurring basis for four months or more or get two weeks early access to next month’s books
  • Seasonal appointment holders with poor attendance (below 70%) for two consecutive months will be asked to adjust or forfeit their recurring appointment schedule.
  • All reservations require storing a credit card on file at time of booking.
  • Payment is due at time of service.

Cancellation Policy

Students are responsible for settling their own cancellations via the Vagaro online scheduler until 2 hours prior to the start time of their reservation, at which point you will need to contact me directly.

The 24 Hour Late Cancellation Policy applies to all small group class reservations. If a student cancels less than 24 hours prior to the start time of their reservation, payment will be collected in full for the missed class using the student’s credit card on file.

The 48 Hour Late Cancellation Policy applies to all appointment based reservations, including Studio, Virtual, &/or Duet Pilates Sessions. If a student cancels less than 48 hours prior to the start time of their reservation, payment will be collected in full for the missed service using the student’s credit card on file.

The Late Cancellation Policy is enforced evenly and consistently to be fair to all students. Exemptions are very rare and reserved for truly extenuating circumstances. Thank you for valuing my time as much as I value yours.

Late Arrivals

Please call or text (504) 356-3974 prior to your appointment if you are going to be a few minutes late.

For group classes, late arrivals are limited to 5 minutes to minimize disruption to other students.

For appointment based reservations, late arrivals are permitted up to 15 minutes after your appointment was scheduled to begin.

While I may give you a few extra minutes if my schedule allows, I am not responsible for making up the time if you are late to an appointment. If you do not arrive at or communicate about an appointment within 10 minutes, I will call or text you, and appointments will be marked as “no-show” if I don’t hear from you &/or you cannot arrive within 15 minutes from the scheduled starting time. Payment will be collected in full per the Late Cancellation Policy.

Vagaro sends automated reminders (by push, text and/or email) but technology is mysterious and not always reliable, so if you are someone who struggles with remembering appointments, it may be helpful to put an additional reminder in your calendar.